Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weekend Getaway

I've made some more progress on the dress.

The darts are in the front and back overbodice, and the shoulders seamed. The darts and gathering are in the front and back skirt, and the back center is seamed. I started working on the back, lower pleat when it was time to stop and get my son from school.

So for now, I'll stop there. Tomorrow I'm heading out to New Jersey for the weekend to meet a group of friends. I'm really looking forward to getting together with them. We are all Halloween enthusiasts and make our own props.

I started making my own Halloween decorations when I lived in England. Even though it is celebrated there, it's not to the extent that it is here... and it is frowned upon by lots of people. There weren't lots of decorations in the stores (although it seems to be increasing in popularity all of the time) so I got into creating my own stuff.

Much of my own display is handmade; I'm lucky to have a handy, willing and enthusiastic husband. My display has a vintage flavor (surprise, surprise!)... even though Halloween is quite a way off, as with any hobby, working on projects is year round.

I'll be back to my silk dress on Monday.

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Sarah said...

The decorations are gorgeous. For me, it usually is the elaborate or understated, or any decorations for that matter that make me interested in a certain house on Halloween. One house in particular stands out in my memory. I was probably 9, but they had a smoke machine around the back of the house, and a small fan that did a really good job of dispersing the fog eeirily. There were a few things in the trees that were motion sensing so when they sounds went off, it really was scary because you had no clue where it was coming from. Anyway, I did just want to say that the decorations are perfect in my eye. I would deffinitly say buy some extra candy for the kids who come to your house because they like the decorations! I would ring the door bell just for that. :D Have fun.