Friday, April 25, 2008

The Sari Dress is Finished

I did it today! I did it!

It's such a good feeling when you finish a project, isn't it? With all of the moving stuff, I wasn't sure at the onset if I'd be able to do it. I wrote up the review on PR and entered it in the Silk Only Contest.

For the last two days, I worked on the overbodice lining. The lining is constructed the same as the overbodice, then is attached at the neckline, bust front and the armholes. Then, it's turned right side out. The side seams are opened out, right sides put together then joined. When it's back in place, the seams are on the inside.

The midriff was seamed at the right side; lining is constructed the same way, then basted at the sides and bottom. At the top edge, it is pressed over at the seam allowance, which is slipstitched into place.

I love to see a lining put in place. It gives the garment so much shape and it really begins to look finished. They're so nice and smooth and you know you're on the home stretch!

Once the linings were in place, the overbodice and bodice were attached. The bodice is completely open on the left side and it fit PERFECTLY in the open edge (below where the seam ends) of the overbodice. Don't you just rejoice when things line up?

After basting the left side and bottom edges together, I joined the bodice to the skirt. This was straight forward.

Even the zipper went in easily. I made a decision to only fuse interfacing into the skirt part of the zipper opening. Admittedly, I was nearly in a sweat over that. But the bodice already had four layers of fabric: sari/organza - dupioni/organza and was quite thick. Thankfully, it turned out well. However, I do not advocate eliminating fusible interfacing on zippers! I think I just used up my Get Out of Jail Free card.

For the hem, I used hem tape because of the extreme fraying. I pinked the edges prior to stitching the tape, then blind hemmed around. Because of the pleat, the seam must be opened, pressed and clipped at the spot where the hem is turned up to. Once hem is stitched in placed, re-press the pleat. Amazingly, this works!

I'm happy with the end result. I was wary about whether or not I'd be able to work with such a slippery and fragile fabric. Underlining is a must and it's amazing how much strength and structure it provides.

This is going to be another busy weekend... One of my closest girlfriends is coming over in a little while. We grew up together (Girl Scouts, etc.) and about once every other month, she comes over and we work on sewing projects together. While the speed of our works on these nights isn't spectactular, we do manage to get motivated and catch up with each other!

Happy Friday!


Paula said...

Beautiful! I can hardly wait to see a picture of you wearing the dress (hint, hint).

Shannon said...

Beautiful dress! I love the cummerbund!

2BSewing said...

Your dress is beautiful and stunning. I am still in awe of the fabrics you used. Brilliant. I, too, can't wait to see a picture of you wearing your gorgeous dress.

Marji said...

Beautiful dress, beautifully made.

Bunny said...

Oh so lovely! I have enjoyed your saga, every stitch of the way. You handled every challenge beautifully. Can't wait to see it on. Congratulations on the completion.

When Ladies Dressed said...

Ladies, thanks so much for your kind comments, not just today but throughout the whole project! This is exactly why it's fun to share, and I enjoy following all of your projects as well.

Sarah said...

So beautiful!!!! Congratulations.

Linda said...

I love your dress. I just found your blog actually and loved looking at all your retro creations. Thanks for sharing.