Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Decorative Stitching

It occurred to me that perhaps this dress could benefit from a wee bit of decorative stitching.

The sari silk already has an all over pattern. But the dupioni contrast seems, in my opinion boring. I've been on the fence about whether or not to embellish it. Would decorative stitching make it look over done? Cheap? Or, if not embellished, would the dupioni appear dull compared to the elegant sari silk?
To settle the matter, I ran a swatch, (which I would have to do any way if I decide to go with the stitching). I cut a patch of the dupioni and fused interfacing to the back to stablize the silk. I have a Viking Sapphire 850. This machine has something like 130 stitches. I chose a scrolly-leafy stitch that I thought matched the sari pattern best.

I'm quite happy with how it looks and will use it. Here's a picture of my sample, placed underneath the two front overbodice pieces. It shows how it will look on the final garment. What's the point of having all of these stitches if I don't use them!

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Lady Be Good said...

I think that the stitching is a very nice touch, and not over done at all. I always like having a consistent motif in a dress--whether it be a pattern a shape or whatever--and your choice does that quite well. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the dress soon!