Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feeling Loopy

For Christmas, I asked for a variety of sewing gadgets: bias strip makers, a mini rotary cutter, a pin cushion (after knocking over my pin box for the gazillionth time) and a loop pull. Santa delivered!

Yesterday, I finally had the opportunity to use the loop pull. All I have to ask is, how on earth did I survive for so long without this thing?

I strayed away from items with straps or substituted cord for button loops. The bodice of the sari dress has straps. It's a shame that the over bodice in the view I'm making covers them up (if you did the other view with a sheer overdress, you'd see them).

Not only did I make them, but I did so with the dupioni, underlined with the organza. The long edge is seamed, then a second, reinforcing seam is stitched 1/8" out. These hooks really do work. If you don't have one, go out and get one! Within moments, my straps were easily turned.

Ironically, I ran out of the champagne colored bobbin thread just as I stitched the last little edge of the strap closed; only perhaps a yard of thread was left on the spool. This will be just enough to hand sew the straps in place. So often, we pull our hair out or moan and groan for running out of things at the most inopportune moments. I felt it was necessary to point out that sometimes, things work out just right!!!

I also got the overbodice lining cut, darted and seamed, then sewn in place. I love making linings. It makes me feel like I'm getting to the home stretch of a project. However, this is where I made a big mistake. When I finished seaming the neckline and arm seams, I realized: I put the right lining side to the wrong overbodice side!!!! Holy gaff Batman!!! I was so mad at myself! In my defense, I was squeezing my beloved sewing inbetween cleaning for a house showing and birthday and anniversary preparations (today is our son's birthday AND our anniversary). I didn't take the time to "check twice, sew once".

After the cursing subsided, I started to laugh at myself for such a mindless goof. In fact, I felt relieved. This project was going way too smoothly. That makes me nervous. When things too well, I'm kind of waiting for the whole project to spontaneously burst into flames. This error restored my faith that it is a normal project and I can now calmly proceed to the finish line. After dinner, I returned to my sewing room and put the lining in the correct way, then called it a day.

I probably won't get any sewing done today. It's gorgeous here in Chicagoland. We'll likely potter around outside and I'll bake a birthday cake this afternoon. Sewing will resume per "normal" tomorrow.


Bunny said...

This is going to be so gorgeous when done. Do have a special occasion or place to wear it to/for? By loop turner are you talking the long steel thing with the little hook that has a smooth curve on the top? Or are you talking a Fasturn? I have both and use both. The first is so skinny it does a great job on the spag straps. Can't wait to see this done!

When Ladies Dressed said...

Thanks so much bunny! I've enjoyed making it so much. Yes, I mean the long steel thing with a hook - it reminded me of my old latch hook for those rugs! (I made them when I was a kid...) I plan to wear this dress the next time we go to one of my husband's industry functions - the kind at a hotel where somebody in the firm buys a table for ten...