Monday, June 8, 2009

Tutti Fruity Cutie Top

The May 25 Auction that DH attended included a haul of fabric. I've posted pictures of some of this fabric. Much of it is in 2-4 yards length, uncut.

Other pieces are leftovers that the lady apparently deemed too big to throw away. I'm really glad about that!

I fell in love with such a piece of cotton. It's white with large, quarter sized colorful dots! If you look closely, some of the dots are purple. It's actually much more vibrant that the picture turned out. The cotton is a good weight with ribs in it. However, it is NOT a knit. This fabric has a vintage feel to me. Maybe it's wishful thinking! I'd really like to get other's opinions on dating it since I'm not an expert on that. What do you think?

I have an awkward shape to work with: It's 38 inches, selvage to selvage. There is a full selvage to selvage section that is a mere 21 inches long... then there's a long (attached) strip (where it was cut) that runs over 30 inches and is about 17 inches wide (along one selvage edge).

I immediately had this fabric in mind for a vintage, summer top. The white was a bit yellowed, but it washed up beautifully. While not "pristine" white, the yellowish tinge definitely is gone. In the same auction where this fabric came from, was a great haul of patterns. Many of them are 50's summer tops.

So I pulled out a couple of them hoping that I could squeeze something out. Butterick 8207 looked like it would work. I particularly like View A - with the criss-cross back. After playing around a bit with some creative folding of the fabric for layout, I discovered that I will indeed be able to make this!!! The only thing is that I will have to cut the bow in a different fabric. That piece is cut on the bias and there is not enough. But that's OK - I think the bow will look great and will pop in a bright, contrast fabric!

I can't wait to start this top!


Pavlina said...

I love that top pattern, I can't wait to see it all made up!

Trudy said...

Looking forward to seeing this when it's done.

LaKaribane said...

Maybe it's a pique? I had one in shocking pink and it was striped rather than honeycomb etc.

Really nice, you need to do one of those tops!

Sharon Sews said...

I love that pattern! Sorry, can't help you date the fabric, but with it only being 37" wide I would guess it must be 70s or earlier.

Nancy K said...

Cute pattern. What a great haul. Were you with your husband, or was he fabulous on his own?
It's not a pique, but either a faille or an ottoman. Those both have ribs.

When Ladies Dressed said...

Thanks so much for your comments! Nancy, the patterns from the May 23 auction were picked up by my husband! He called me on the cell phone with descriptions to see if it was the kind of thing I wanted - he's great! I attended the auction that had the Featherweight. Thanks for your info about the fabric. It's not a faille so it must be an ottoman.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this pattern, and the fabric you chose is just beautiful. I found your blog through a link at Sew Random, and I'm so glad I did!