Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Auctions!

DH and I both love auctions! Probably a bit too much for our own good!

There are lots of reasons we like to go to them: to look for treasures, to recycle rather than buy new, to people watch... Perhaps for some people sitting through hours of "junk" being auctioned off doesn't make for an exciting day. But for us, we love watching people and seeing what items they are after.

On May 25, DH went to an auction on his own and he came back with four bags of fabric and over 500 vintage patterns! The patterns range in age from the 50's through the 70's. I've kept the ones that interest me and have started selling off others.

Patterns - Some of the Keepers:

Polished Cotton:Cotton:

The rest of the patterns/fabric that I'm keeping can be seen here:

On Saturday, May 30, we attended one together. The poor boys got dragged along, but they came away with items for themselves so it wasn't all bad!

The people watching was good. There were the Dealer Guys who were social butterflies, talking to everybody while waiting for whatever items they were after to come up. I suppose they see lots of the same folks who all frequent the auctions as they were all chummy. There was Stamp Collector Guy who snapped up four lots of stamps. There were two Quilt Ladies who bid against each other over five or six quilts. Jewelery Woman knew exactly what she was looking for as she big ferociously on some lots and turned her nose up at others.

There was a nice couple sitting behind us who brought books and needlework to pass the time. I thought that they must have been waiting to bid on something in particular. However, after sitting by each other for a few hours, we started talking. They just attend the auctions as a day's activity because they enjoy watching everything and everyone. So I'm not alone!

We picked up oil lamps, a stop watch, a desk lamp, an egg-in-a-nest salt & pepper shaker, a 1968 model 915 Fisher Price Little People Play Barn (I had one as a kid), a thermometer, a lot of 35 ladies' glove and....

...the item for which we attended. My prize: a 1951/52 Singer Featherweight with Centennial Medallion!!! It is complete with carrying case, accessories, original oil can, instruction manual and a Singer buttonholer attachment! There were four other people bidding on it. It was all very exciting! Two were definitely dealers but I'm not sure about the other person. I outbid them all! muah hahahaha!!!! For the wonderful price of $240 !!!

So I wonder who I am to everybody else? Vintage Sewing Machine Lady?

The machine is just beautiful to look at. It's in very good condition and needs some of the dust and crud on the exterior to be cleaned. The platform shows some wear and abrasion but the gold decals are in good shape with very little rubbing off. It runs, although I've not yet threaded it to see if it has any issues. It runs so quietly!

It's been a crazy week with school ending and baseball starting. My little guy's first game got rained out on Monday (so we went out for a consolitory ice cream). But I'm hoping that I'll be able to start cleaning it this weekend so that I can give it a test run!

If you've ever thought about attending an auction, I highly recommend it!


Darla: Retro Ways said...

I love that first one so much are you selling it or keeping it?

When Ladies Dressed said...

I'm sorry that my post wasn't clear. I've edited to say that those are patterns that I'm keeping. I've also included a link that shows the rest of the patterns that I'm keeping! It will take me a while to sort through the rest as there were over 500!!! Yikes! Most of those are mid-60's - 70's, 34-36B. Thanks for enquiring!

Marita said...

Oooh!!! Auctions and yardsales, what treasures pne can find, too good though that there's an ocean between or I'd get nothing else done but searching, LOL!!!! Great scoop, that butterfly fabric is especially nice.

Sweet Woodruff said...

I just found your blog and I'm really excited. Amen to when Ladies dressed. That was a real hang up of my lovely MIL. She always dressed up and was ashamed of the way our world was getting. "no one dresses up any more". I collect vintage clothing too, especially cardigans and slips. I don't know why I collect slips other than they are pretty. Even their undergarments were prettier back then, eh?

Where do you sell your patterns?

Take care and I'll be back.

Bessie M. said...

Oooo! I just got Advance 8309 with a lot of patterns a week ago. Can't wait to make it up. Looks like you found some gorgeous patterns! Treasure hunting (and winning!) is so much fun. :)

Marji said...

Congratulations Kellie on your win! That is a beauty. Note that I paid more for mine, then had to buy the buttonholer separately...and mine is not a centennial edition. Lucky girl.
BTW, don't know if you know this or not, but the needle threads right to left (backwards to todays machines), so before you think it doesn't work, just make sure it's threaded right. I still make that mistake on mine (when I use it, not often)

If you come across another of that top blouse pattern, or one like it, with the traditional fitting via darts, a collar and the cut-in armholes, keep me in mind. I'm looking for one.

Sharon Sews said...

I have yet to attend an auction...maybe that will be one new thing I do this summer.