Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dress Appropriately

Well, I got a Summons for Jury Duty in the mail today.

I need to be ready to report the week beginning November 23... the week of Thanksgiving! And get this, they don't even give you a postage-paid return envelope for the mandatory Juror Profile Questionnaire (but you do have the option to fill it out on-line).

If they use me, this will seriously cut into my Thanksgiving preparations!

As I was reading through the form with all of the instructions, I saw a box on the back side that says "ATTIRE - Jurors should dress appropriately in keeping with court room decorum."

Immediately a little light of excitement went off. Perry Mason!!!!!! Della Street!!!!!! I just love that show. My grandmother was the biggest Perry Mason fan on the planet; she drooled over him. That show was on constantly, in reruns, from as long as my memory goes back.
I can show up to dressed in perfect 1950's courtroom attire... a nice wool dress or suit (like the Thanksgiving dress I'm planning to make). Conservative, but not prudish. Serious but feminine. I could even wear a hat and gloves.

This inconvenience suddenly turned into opportunity!

My son was laughing at me. Maybe the hat and gloves would be too much. But then again, why not? No episode of Perry Mason is complete without a courtroom surprise!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wool Crepe

What the heck happened to October? Other than finishing my red coat, not a lot of sewing got done in October. We did have fun decorating for Halloween, though. I hope everybody else was sewing away and having fun!

I managed to get half of my sewing room re-organized; the annex portion is still a tip! But at least it was a start and I'll get pictures soon!

Now that it's November, I can move on to two projects using one of my favorite fabrics: wool.

The first project is going to be a dress and jacket ensemble using a gorgeous, embroidered wool crepe. I want to wear it on Thanksgiving. I made a wool blend dress last Thanksgiving and I think I will make this my new Thanksgiving tradition!
The second project is a coat from a to-die-for wool herringbone coating called "Ivy League".

I'll get more pictures soon, but wanted to get posting to get myself in gear!