Thursday, March 11, 2010

Red Wool Dress is Finished; Starting an Apron

I finished the red wool dress on Tuesday. I'm really pleased with it overall! I promise to get pictures of me wearing it this weekend, when DH is available to play photographer (Oh lucky DH - he doesn't know this yet!)

In the meantime, I started a quick, fun project: a new apron! My friend is having a tamale making party at her house on Saturday. I love tamales but have never made them.

So I thought I would make a new apron for the occasion, one that would be fun, festive and colorful.

Louise's stash never fails (from an auction last year). There was just one yard of 35" fabric with a fabulous, colorful pattern of butterflies, vases, irons, roosters and medallions on it. It's a stiff cotton, perhaps a blend. It washed up well... there isn't enough for the entire apron so I'm using a neutral "weaver's cloth" (a cotton/poly blend) that has been in my stash. It's a similar weave and similar color (ever so slightly "greener") to Louise's fabric. If anything, the hand is a bit softer. I also have a few embellishment ideas in mind to liven up the plain fabric as well as coordinate with the fun fabric.
I'm not really sure from when this vintage fabric dates: all guesses are welcome! It's 35" wide, stiff and maybe a blend (must do burn test... or ask my friends Michelle and Elaine!) If this fabric doesn't say "Apron!", I don't know what does.
I picked the apron pattern after deciding on the fabric...I have several apron patterns in my stash... It's a simplicity reissue from two different vintage patterns. I'm making the version with the yellow striped fabric.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the dress pics this weekend, as well as a summary of my adventures in tamale making!


Trudy Callan said...

That's going to be a cute apron.

Heart and Sow Designs said...

Oh how cute, can't wait to see this apron finished. I love aprons. :)

sanjeet said...
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Serendipity Handmade said...

That is fabulous fabric! I would love to have some...did you buy it from an auction online? If so, from whom did you get it? I'm currently fixated on making aprons right now and your fabric definitely says "Make me into an apron"!

When Ladies Dressed said...

Thanks so much!

The fabric is not from an on-line source. I got it last spring at a local auction, from the estate of a local woman. Her name was Louise. I have a huge stash of vintage fabric from her as well as hundreds of patterns!