Sunday, March 7, 2010

Progressing on the Red Wool Dress

I am moving along on the dress. Yesterday, I thought I might actually complete the dress today... however, it's not to be. After sewing the skirt and bodice together, I ran into three minor issues that need a re-do:

1) I inserted the zipper and it's out of whack. I have to rip and do over.
2) When cutting the skirt, I added a little extra at my usual "saddle bag" spot. The good news is, I lost weight (been working out since Jan.) The bad news, which is actually GOOD news, is that I don't need that extra any more! So I have to re-seam and take out the extra I added.
3) The front bodice bands are too long/loose. I have to open up the bodice side seams and reposition the bands.

None of these things are major. Just par for the course fitting, etc. so I'm not bothered.

In fact, I'm stunned at how this dress fits. It's amazing how a bit of a weight loss really changes things. This pattern is 32B - 26W - 35H... The waist and hip required NO alterations. For the bodice, I had to take out an extra 1" at the center back seam where it was big and gaping (a typical alteration for me).

When I tried it on yesterday, DH said it's a really nice dress and likes the red wool a lot. I can't wait to get this finished; I'll post pics later today!


Debi said...

Can't wait to see it!!

Karin said...

I so look forward to seeing this dress. It sounds great. I love red dresses!