Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On the Cutting Table

I'm more than half way through cutting a new project. I guess all of the talking about losing my motivation helped me to get motivated!

This Advance pattern has been calling to me for a while, but I never really figured out exactly how I wanted to do it. Finally, it said "red, lightweight wool". I love, love love the deep red of this wool. I'm going to make the whole shebang, including the jacket.

Although I'm not a boxy jacket kind of person, the band detailing pulls the whole look together. I'm going to make the piping that surrounds the bands in the same lightweight wool in black and use black buttons.

All in all the small details of this dress are great: the banding with buttons and piped trim, the raglan sleeves and those cute pleats at the bottom front of the skirt...

And for a quick update on that other Advance 6316 dress... the sundress with the square neckline in the blue wavy fabric.... well, that project turned out to be a disappointment. There are two things that I don't like:

1) I goofed on adding extra to the bodice. I placed the center front slightly off of the fold and as a result, the shoulder straps are sitting too far out on my shoulder. I should have added the extra at the side seam. It's only 1/2", but just enough to make it "off".

2) The cotton fabric is too stiff and therefore, the skirt does not fall into nice, elegant drapes. Instead, it sticks out in more of an A-line, which ruins the whole look, in my opinion.

The only thing left for me to do is install the zipper. I'm not going to bother with the jacket. I'll finish the dress, but it's likely to find its way to Goodwill...

Oh, and one last thing. SHOES. Thanks for all of your fun comments! I still have many more pairs to photograph and store. But five days have come and gone and DH has NOT exiled me from the closet! hee hee, so I'm getting some sewing in while I can! More shoes will come.

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Debi said...

LOVE the red wool! what an amazing shade of red. It will look great with the pattern!!