Saturday, February 20, 2010

And I'm Off!...

...I started sewing the red dress. It always feels soooo good to get started. Cutting is not one of my favorite parts of sewing. Others may feel differently, but I just want to get behind the machine and go!

This wool is lovely to work with. It's such a dream to press and mark. It starts with the big, diagonal bust darts on the bodice front. They're sewn, then trimmed and pressed open. Just holding that piece up to myself in front of the mirror is exciting! It's the first glimpse of the shaping. I did that and the two darts on the back bodice.
Pattern piece with the big dart:

Big darts sewn, prior to trimming:

Darts trimmed and pressed:

I just threw the black wool that I'll use for the piping in washing machine. The front bands are the next step so the black wool needs prepping. I hope this dress turns out well!

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Rachel said...

That colour is amazing - I can't wait to see it made up!