Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anne Adams Dress - "Easy, Interesting"

Anne Adams 4713 Mail Order Postmarked 1959... I've had this pattern for two years; it was part of an auction haul. What is fun is that the original owner, Marcie, included the newspaper clipping from which she saw and ordered it! (This is what makes vintage collectiing fun.) The ad states the pattern is "Easy, Interesting".

Good thing because I want to make it for PR Weekend and have less than two weeks! For the life of me, I cannot make up my mind on fabric. Marcie indicated in pencil that she was going to use green crepe...

I'm using a linen/rayon blend. It has a pretty brown/beige/cream hibiscus floral pattern with splashes of sky blue. Stay tuned for progress pics!


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