Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Fitting of the Capris

I basted the inner, outer and crotch seams for the first fitting. Overall, it's better than I anticipated. I expected them to be "tighter" rather than "looser".

The waistband is not on nor are the gathered insets, so I'm kind of holding them in place while taking pics in the mirror!!! Good think I'm a mom and used to tackling tasks requiring eight arms instead of two.

It seems good through the waist and the sides, but baggy at the back, just below my seat. The pattern is described as "semi-fitted". Now, I admit that when I wear pants, it's usually "skinny" styled jeans so I'm not certain how much room these are supposed to have back there. Based on the illustration, it doesn't look like a "loose" style. However, I don't want these to fit like skinny jeans.

I don't think they're too far off. Time to consult my fitting books and sewing friends. Comments and suggestions about anything are most welcome!! i.e. style, fit, etc.
Yay, I'm on my way!


Anonymous said...

Really not bad at all. Impressive.

But you do need to put the waistband on to see for sure.

At first I though maybe the side seams were a bit too long, but now I see that the design element at the hem may be contributing to that look.

There's a slight curve on the side seam (toward your upper thigh) but for now I think I'd just finish these and see how they feel while wearing them....can you sit comfortably, etc.

Good job!

When Ladies Dressed said...

Thanks Elaine! It's kind of weird, huh, that they're this close out of the envelope...

I'll do just that and finish them up. I DO want to be able to sit comfortably and do things in these. Unlike "skinny" jeans, these have no stretch.

The waistband, gathered inset and hem will make a difference. I'm looking forward to the 1st!

Social Historian said...

I think they are looking good considering they are yet to be gathered at the waist, that might help lift some of the sagginess.

Like me, perhaps you should try a little adjusting for the "flat derriere" (as it is so sweetly phrased in fitting terms!) and see if that makes any difference? I find the problemic bagginess across the bottom of the seat with RTW too.

I also thought at first glance the side seams look long, but I concluded that was to do with the design too.

Myra said...

Pretty good for a first time. Ditto about minor seat adjustments, not that I am an expert, but I don't think they are meant to fit tightly.

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Really very impressive.

Alyssa said...

You should finish these! They are looking good. I have that saggy baggy problem in RTW pants, which is why I have yet to sew pants because I know that I will encounter it there and be disappointed that I don't know how to fix it.

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