Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Next Project - Undecided About What to Make

You know how it is after finishing a big and successful project: there's a feeling of accomplishment and elation... and if you're anything like me, your sewing room/space looks like a tornado went through it.

While up in my room starting the tidying up process, I was of course distracted by the unstoppable lure of What-to-Make-Next. Patterns, fabric, creative juices flowing....Does this happen to you? (but the room still isn't tidied up!)
I've got it narrowed down to four options:

1) A 60's dress in a lightweight, black wool. This is already cut and ready to sew (intended for a specific pair of shoes!). The fabric and style is perfect for this time of year and will see me all the way through until most of spring.

2) A 40's dress that I call my "Farmer's Housewife" dress, in a very lightweight and breezy vintage cotton-blend floral. This also is already cut and ready to sew. It is a quick and cheerful project that is always a nice follow-up after a big project like the gown.

3) A Simplicty re-issue topper/coat. I bought a gorgeous wool coating last year specifically for making this coat. It's a brown/green/turquoise houndstooth from Emma One Stock. This is not yet cut like the first two options, but that's not a reason to not start it! Tis the right time of year for a new coat and if I don't make it soon, there is the danger another winter could slip by with it not made.

4) A siren dress from the early/mid-50's for a business Christmas function at the Embassy Suites. I LOVE the pattern, and it's the right occasion, BUT I'm admittedly the least enthusiastic for this possibility, and I don't have a fabric picked out for it. I just feel the function presents the right timing.
So, what do all of you ladies think? What gets your vote?


Marie-Noƫlle said...

I vote for the black dress as instant gratification and you could follw with the jacket that I love very much

Anonymous said...

I've made the first dress and the coat. Both are fairly easy to do, although the topper is a bit fiddly in places.

The first three are going to be much easier projects, I think, than the final one, so I don't have much of an opinion. Of course, this is from the woman that hasn't sewn because she moved 5 months ago and still hasn't unpacked 90% of her sewing stuff.

Brenda said...

Number 4 is absolutely stunning! I would love to see that made up.

Rebekah said...

My vote is for that black dress with blue bow and ruffle in #1! I want! I want! LOVE that!