Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hiatus Over the Summer

I took a hiatus from sewing over the summer. In a good way. It was a wonderful, hot summer and I spent a lot of time outdoors swimming and entertaining visitors. Sewing always seemed to be on the back burner.

Once school resumed, I jumped back in. First project up was a 1940's sundress. It's cute, and I typed up a long post here on my blog. When I hit "publish" to my horror, the internet service went out! It's true, I tell ya! It was an area wide outage (I received a refund for that day's service)... but it was enough to dislodge me from blogging pursuits!

Then my apron kick started, documented in the pictures below.

I've got one more apron in the works in a very cute cherry fabric. After that is finished, work will resume on my vintage ball gown, where I left of back in the spring! Happy Autumn 2010!


Trudy said...

Welcome back!

I was wondering how you were doing. So glad you had a relaxing summer. So sorry to hear about the internet outage. That would definitely take the wind out of my sales.

Your aprons are amazing.

glorm said...

Absolutely love those aprons. Yes, welcome back.