Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Win a Vintage Pattern!

I want to thank all of the people who read and follow my blog, read my reviews on PR and those who voted for me in PR's Vintage Pattern Contest earlier this year. I'm humbled that my projects and ramblings are of interest to people when there are so many talented people out there in the blogosphere.

Therefore, as a token of my appreciation, I'm going to conduct a drawing for a vintage pattern. I have a huge stash of vintage patterns acquired from auctions and would like to share them with others who are passionate about vintage.

Here's how it will work:

  1. During the month of October, 2009 sew a project. It doesn't have to be vintage, just made during October.
  2. Post a comment here on my blog that includes a link to your project. I will keep track of the names.
  3. On November 1 (or shortly thereafter), I will put all of the names of those who participated into a (vintage) hat. My son will then draw two names from said hat.
  4. There will be two winners; the prizes will be the patterns pictured below. My son will pick the winner for Pattern #1 first, and Pattern #2 second. It will be completely random as to who wins which pattern.
  5. I will post my email address when the drawing is finished so that the winners can send me their mailing address.
I hope that people will participate! While most of us sew year round, projects have lots of exciting possibilities this time of year with all of the holidays just around the corner!

Thank you for visiting my blog; Happy Sewing!

Pattern #1-Vintage Simplicity 3528: late 50's/early 60's, B32, Partially cut, complete, instructions included

Pattern #2 - McCall's 2619: 1970, B36, factory folded, instructions included.

The Vintage Hat from which the names will be drawn: 100% wool, original price tag still attached, price paid $4.99. Any help dating?


Auset's Stitched Treasures said...

Okay, Your on. I've got my eye on Pattern number 2. This is a great way to jump start my sewing mojo.

Maggie said...

I'm a day late and a dollar short...just want to say I love a red coat! Good luck with yours.

Jen said...

Oh this is an interesting idea and I like it. This is the first October that I will not be spending madly sewing Halloween costumes, as I already made our Halloween costumes for this year in prepartion for animefest in Dallas. So I have a few ideas for non-costume sewing and I will keep you posted. I like pattern numba 1, I love these styles of dresses!

Suzanne said...

I sew for everyone else in the family, but I think I will do something for me...thanks for challenge!

Carla said...

The hat looks like very late 50s/early 60s to me. Ladies used to wear hats like this to church but at least some of them wore it on their brow, not pushed back as you have it. I think that was somewhat mixed, though, with some wearing back and some forward.

When Ladies Dressed said...

Thank you all for posting. I cannot wait to see what everybody makes!!! Carla, thanks for the info on the hat. I wasn't sure - it didn't seem older than 50's with the type of tag on it... I shall try it pushed further forward!

Jenny said...

Hi, here's my entry, i made the cardigan but sadly not the dress, bought that at the thrift store. here's the site:

Anonymous said...
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sara said...

hat is early 60's, like really early, I would imagine, due to the netting. Im making my first vintage pattern dress (2nd dress ever actually!) so I hope I finish before the end of October because that hat would go perfect with my camel and grey plaid fabric!!!

Julia Hambach said...

i saw this already before some weeks and thought huhm... hopefully i dont forget it and.... here i am!
i have this one:
nothing special...but i like the jacket

i really HOPE this is the right page to post this... maybe i will try this anywhere else here too.... sorry for the spam....


When Ladies Dressed said...

Jenni, since you are the only person who submitted a link, I'll send both patterns to you! You can email me at with your address - I love your dress!

Julia said...

ive sended in a link too :(
it was the cutoutandkeep link, with the jacket... i always waited for it to appear on your site but it didnt, so i thought you saw my link, noted my name and didnt accept it to appear on your site... anyways... i am happy for you, jenny


Unknown said...

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Black Suit said...

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Anonymous said...

I had an old auntie who wore an old hat like that when she took be "downtown" for the day.The date of those forays was the early fifties, but I have to say that these older women never threw anything away. My guess is that this hat was made in the late 30's early 40's.