Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gown is Coming Together

I've been working flat out on the gown for several days now. The plants haven't been fed and the children haven't been watered. I apologize in advance for any typos or non-sensical statements!
I've got it all put together: lining facing to skirt lining; skirt lining to skirt; skirt to bodice, the zipper is in. The hemline has the hem tape sewed and is turned up ready to sew. Then the bodice lining will need to be slip stitched into place.
Skirt Facing - dupioni underlined with organza:
Skirt Facing sewn to skirt lining (18mm silk crepe). Understitiching - you can see how it prevent rolling. It also provides shape and control of fabrics:
Skirt Facing attached to Skirt Lining:"
Close up of zig-zag for sewing top of skirt facing to the lining:
There have been very few REAL problems. The zipper went in with one shot which one can only hope for when ruching is involved. Admitedly, I took time and hand basted in place first. And admitedly #2, it's a bit wonky in one spot, but the ruching disguises it so I left it! Ssshhh!
The one problem I did have was last night while trying the gown on, the ruching popped on the right seam. This was entirely my fault because earlier in the day, I was feeling cocky and clever and thought I'd try something... I seamed the zipper side from the notch side up to the top which made it too small to get over my head and even my very small bust... while wriggling and worming out, I heard a "pop". It seemed OK at the time when I inspected, but alas, it came to roost a bit later.
Ideally, I should have put binding strips to back the ruching on the inside and I'm surprised the pattern doesn't say to that. Fortunately, the fix was quick. The ruching popped at the very top so I took the stitching down 1 1/2", tied off the ends, and re-sewing the three lines of ruching stitching in that top 1 1/2".
So off to hem I go. With any luck, I'll be able to knock out the stole and pics tomorrow!

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