Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trying to Get Organized!

It's been nutty here the last few weeks! My mother-in-law left yesterday after a two and a half week visit. During this time, I had my family visiting twice to visit MIL, the on-going pool construction, my little guy's birthday and the kids went back to school today.

I'm exhausted!

BUT, the sewing room is calling me. I will get back to my sewing tomorrow or Thursday! I hope everybody has been more productive than I have been!

Stay tuned.


goodworks1 said...

Hey Kellie!

Glad to hear from you and hope you get some rest and some sewing-room time this week!


When Ladies Dressed said...

Thanks so much Elaine! It looks like I'll head into the sewing room tomorrow. The kids had two half days of school and tomorrow is the first full day. I've been catching up on PR to get my sewing juices recharged! I hope that you enjoyed your trip and the rest of summer! I look forward to getting together with you and Michelle soon!