Monday, August 3, 2009

Beautiful Embroidery - Is it Vintage?

My poor blouse, which I envisioned "whipping" out in a couple of days, is patiently waiting again. I made a mistake on the facing (required 1/4" seams and I made 5/8"...).

THEN my MIL arrived from England on Thursday and will be staying with us until August 17. Combine that with the on-going construction of the pool and, well, there hasn't been much time for sewing.

Nevertheless, MIL is a big fan of auction like DH and myself. So on Saturday we attended a local one and came home with some goodies. I got a box of fabric; overall, it was ho-hum with the exception of a gorgeous fine woolen and a nice piece of silk. There is also a nice length of red, white and blue striped cotton.

But what I really love from this haul are some fine baby garments. I *think* they are vintage and upon researching, I *think* they are Feltman brothers.

The dresses and vests are made from fine voile and batiste with exquisite hand embroidery and teeny-tiny tucks. (Ironic since I'm working on a blouse with tucks!). The baby gowns are from cotton flannel, also with the same high quality hand embroidery. All garments are French seamed. There are two vests, two dresses and five gowns (two pink embroidery and three blue embroidery).

There are labels on only two of the items, the two vests. They say "Hand Made in the Phillippeans Size 1 Year".

I'd be extremely grateful if anybody can play detective and has any idea if these are Feltman Brothers garments and if they can be dated.
I was thinking of selling them, but I've changed my mind. I'm holding on to them for future grandchildren (It really is future: my boys are 8 and 11 !)


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lacejunkie said...

YES!, those are Feltman Bro.s. Good thing you displayed the tag. They always had theirs constructed in the Phillipines. They could possibly be from as early as the 50s to as late as the 80s. The tucks on the white gown are called release tucks and on the blue embroidered one are pintucks. Also, fyi they hand embroidered their gowns, bubbles, diaper shirts, etc with rayon embroidery floss... that was rare, but what gave their clothes such distinction! Baby clothes are worth saving... just remember to store them in archival paper, washedin ivory and unironed. Use an archival box if possible.

When Ladies Dressed said...

Thank you so much lacejunkie! I thought that they looked special at the auction and just couldn't resist! I will make sure that they are stored properly! Thank you for visiting my blog!

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