Monday, May 26, 2008

The Invasion

The movers invade tomorrow and start packing us up. I'm so excited! This has been in the works since October and I'm thrilled that it is finally happening!

Sewing and my projects has kept me sane. There has been much to do and many details to sort out. And I'm a worrier. I even worry about the fact that I worry too much! Sewing has kept my mind occupied and has helped to pass the time.

I'll have email access for another week, but my online time is likely to be sporadic. I have many of your blogs to catch up on, and I will definitely do that once I'm settled in or need a break from the hoo-ha. Rest assured, my low activity at the moment is not due to lack of interest.

Now, up to my sewing room to finish packing all of my things that are NOT being handled by the movers.


Paula said...

Good luck with your move, Kellie. I'll be sending lots of positive energy your way over the next week.

laura said...

I just found your blog. Beautiful clothing! I love the lining and the edging on your last piece. I not really made too many vintage pieces in the past (actually two pieces come to mind, but they were not for me and just made to the pattern size). I have recently purchase some reproductions Vogue 1019 and Vogue 1044. Any suggestions for these? Thanks much.

Bunny said...

Good luck with your move, Kellie, and all the excitement that a move can bring! I will be looking forward to your regular posting and sewing again and just know you won't be away from them long. Take care,,,Bunny

Ilix said...

have a good move, I was passing by and saw your dresses, they are beautiful... I am sure that your new space will allow you more creativity.