Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mad Housewife

When Mad Men meets Desperate Housewifes, you get....


That's right! On Sunday we stopped at a local wine shop to get some special beverages for DH to celebrate Father's Day.

DH found exactly what he wanted for himself. Then, I heard him say to me "Hey, this is perfect for you!"

I turned to look at what he was talking about. There on the shelf was a label of wine I'd not seen before! I thought it was hilarous and at $7 a bottle, I thought "What the heck? I'll give it a try."

I've not tried it yet and don't care if it turns out to be bad. I've consumed plenty of plonk in my day and don't expect a lot for the price. But the illustration on the label is good for a chuckle and has plenty of appeal for us vintage loving ladies.

As for sewing, I finished my top this afternoon. I got sidetracked with the construction that is going on with our pool. I'll be sure to get pictures of it tomorrow!
In the meantime: Cheers!

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