Thursday, March 27, 2008

I finished the Catwoman costume today, but ran out of daylight for pictures. When I get the photos, I'll write about the project in more detail. It's one of those projects I'm glad to see the back side of, but still feel a sense of accomplishment for seeing it through. Could've been better, could've been worse.

In the meantime, my thoughts are now on tomorrow when we close on our new house. This move has been in the pipeworks for some time now, and several weeks ago, we thought it was probably going to be called off. Because of the delay, we decided stay in our current home until the end of the school year.

There are lots reasons why I'm excited about the move. First, it will be the first time ever that my husband's job will require very little travel. Most of the time, he'll finish around 5:00 and be home by 5:30. This will be great for us as a family; the boys are so excited! Maybe the first day, I'll wear one of my 50's dresses, greet him at the door with a drink, take his briefcase and ask him about his day... wait, no. On second thought, that would freak him out and he'd think I'd done something awful...

I'm hoping that Peoria will have a slower pace of life. I really love Chicagoland. It's my home. Twice, I moved away from it, and twice I came back. But after eight years of living in rural England, I've found that I've slowed down a couple of gears. Hopefully, the lifestyle in Peoria is a relaxed one.

Now, here's what really has me jazzed. I love the new house. Apart from some very nice features and a great floor plan, I will have a.... sewing annex! Yup, not just a room, but an annex!

I really hope that I don't sound selfish or spoiled. My current sewing room is lovely and I'm fortunate to have it. But the new house has one 13' x 12' bedroom, with an attached 10' x 16' private bonus room. After we closed the deal on the house, the boys started arguing about who was going to have that room.

With the other two bedrooms equal in size, there was no way that either of them could have the bonus room bedroom. That would be incredibly unjust! What kind of respectable and loving mother would place such priviledge with one kid, and leave the other in the dust. It could be misconstrued as favoritism for which one child could send me therapy bills for the rest of life, stemming from this very moment.

The solution was simple. It would be mine. Mine. ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!
The prospect of so much sewing space is daunting... a little bit. I want to really set it up well by putting a lot of thought into the layout and design. It should also look great. Boy, I hope I'm up to the job!

So tomorrow we'll be heading down for the 1:00 closing, then we will spend the weekend in the new house. We're bringing the carpet shampooer, paint color strips, the tape measure and camera.

Even though I won't actually be sewing until Monday again, my head will be spinning with the possibilities of my new space!
Oh, yeah, the house has a kitchen too.


Paula said...

Lucky, lucky girl! Check out this thread on PatternReview where Charity asked for input on her new sewing room. Your Dream Sewing Room

And about greeting your husband a la June Cleaver...I say, go for it! And don't forget your pearls!

Elaine said...

Wonderful! Sounds like a great solution to the bedroom problem!

Email me in a few months when I'm back on my feet and you are in town! We'll get together for some shopping or ASG or lunch... I'm about 30 miles north of Peoria and do most of my grocery, etc shopping there.

When Ladies Dressed said...

Paula, I must contact Charity and get some of her ideas... elaine, I'd love to lunch after we move in!